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About VIZIT companies

About VIZIT companies

The group of companies VIZIT Group is a complex integration of enterprises with the purpose to provide the ACS market with VIZIT trademark production.

        The VIZIT Group companies perform full-scale activities involved in production process, starting with marketing research of current market demands, and ending with advertising and distribution of manufactured goods throughout the CIS countries, European Union, and outside Europe.

        All technical issues, commerce and marketing are coordinated through the Managing Company VIZIT, which ensures concerted actions of different sub-divisions VIZIT Group, as well as making of collective decisions on marketing policy and trends of development for VIZIT trademark.


VIZIT Trademark

       The first ever series of VIZIT multi-apartment doorphones was produced back in 1984. At present, the VIZIT trademark is registered in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and in many countries in Europe and Asia. The logo - «VIZIT - Safe Home»   - reproduces VIZIT Group’s motto, and has become the branding for all our security products. 



       The VIZIT Group comprises a number of companies specializing in the development, manufacture, installation and service of products under the VIZIT trademark. Thanks to the introduction of top-notch technologies, its fast growth rate, wide product range and comprehensive approach, the VIZIT Group is now a prominent manufacturer of devices providing safety in both residential and office buildings.

       The products bearing the VIZIT trademark operate reliably within a broad range of temperatures (from - 40°С to + 45°С). The “antivandal“ or vandal-proof design is employed in access control systems, primarily for doorphone/video doorphone stations.

      Reliability of identification for the VIZIT access control systems is secured by using contact and contactless identification tags, manufactured by the PROXIMITY and iButton® technologies, and also highly sensitive cameras working in the Day/Night  mode and featuring infrared illumination for objects within the field of view.

       High quality and safety of the VIZIT products are acknowledged by the Quality System Certificates СЄ (European Union), RSТ (Russia),  UkrSEPRO (Ukraine).


The VIZIT Group’s trading activities are currently pursued through four companies:

 MODUS - N – in Russia and the CIS countries

 VIZIT - CENTER - in Russia

 TDK - in Ukraine

 VIZIT.EU  - within and outside Europe


       Web pages of these trading companies offer an exhaustive list of technical and commercial information on each product carrying the VIZIT trademark, installation guides and operating manuals for the VIZIT access control systems, plus information about  business partners of the VIZIT Group and servicing. Russia, Moscow, «MODUS-N»
VIZIT Group resourses Ukraine, Kiev Czech republic, Prague VIZIT.EU, s.r.o.